Sometimes climbing the corporate ladder can feel like an uphill battle.  Imagine a certification that could tell your boss or potential boss you’re up-to-date with today’s most needed skills in the information technology environment.   

With almost fifty years certifying Members, the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) is the standard in the industry.  With certifications at every level from the begining professional to the CIO. ICCP’s certifications offer you the chance to learn a new skill, acquire a certification in business, big data, computing skills for analytics, blockchain, data science, data  analytics, influential technical skills and earn the respect and income that you deserve. 

Cyber Security is on everyone’s mind these days and you can be confident that every ICCP Member has signed an ethics code of conduct.  From early on, we required each of our Members to sign an ethics code.  A code that let’s an employer or potential employer know you have and will remain above reproach in all of your business dealings.

Preparing to Earn your certification

Where to start is usually what most people ask.  What should I certify in? Do you want to certify in big data, blockchain, data science, public sector data governance or cyber security? Once you’ve determined what area you want to certify in – look at the certifications available.  here.  Pick the appropriate level for your credential (foundation, associate, mastery, and  management level – see below).  Sign-up to become a Member of ICCP. Wait for confirmation from ICCP. Study up on the exam materials. When you’re ready, sign up to take your first exam @ 1.800.843.8227. 

Foundation Certification

Foundation certifications are geared towards the High School graduate.  The certification allows you to stand out from the crowd by showing your capabilities in the information workforce.  

Practitioner Certification

Associate/Practitioner certifications are geared towards the person just starting their career.  You can make your mark by letting others know you are serious about the information workforce. 



Mastery Certification

Now that you’re moving up the ladder – a mastery certification can show others your expertise in a certain area.  



Executive Management Certification

An executive level certification can help you to reach the top levels of Management.




Principal Certification

A prinicipal level certification is at the very top.  They are an executive who has shown significant contribution to the industry.



Our certifications cover many areas in the information workforce industry

– Click on one of the areas below to show you specific attributes for that certification

Blockchain Certifications                                                                                                                     Big Data Professional (CBDP)

Data Science Certifications (CDS)                                                                                                     Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)

Data Governance  (DGSP)                                                                                                                     Cyber Security Professional

Public Sector Data Governance (PSDGP)                                                                                           Certified Computing Professional (CCP)

Certified Data Professional  (CDP)

In addition, all certifications require the following prerequisites listed below:

Who certifies?

Students, industry professionals, managers, directors, and executives. Our certification program allows you to get certified at every stage of your career path. Our process gives you access to different levels of certification and training in each specific area including Big Data, CyberSecurity, Blockchain, etc..

The certifications are geared toward anyone who has the desire to learn a new skill and put that skill to "test" in the professional information industry.

ICCP Members come from all nationalities, and from many of the top companies in the world today., including; Accenture, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, CISCO, AWS, GCP, etc. We work with the best and brightest in the industry. Come be a part of ICCP!

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