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Validate your CS/IS/IT Assessments using ICCP Exams

Uses ACM Model Curriculum

  • Each exam uses the ACM Model curriculum. The IS exam is based on the ACM/AIS 2010 model curriculum. The CS exam is based on the ACM/IEEE 2013 model curriculum. A separate exam is available for 2-year and 4-year colleges/universities.

Reporting down to the question level

The reports detail out how your students performed against other students on your campus and against a national normed outcome. Reports go down to the learning unit level and then to the question level. A separate report details out the ABET program outcomes, which can be used to help out with your accreditation process. Detailed reports at the question, course, and student level provide comprehensive data for program quality improvement over time.

Rigorous schedule to put exams together

Our certification council, consisting of professors, business professionals, and leaders in their field put together the exam using the ACM Model curriculum as the back bone to each of the examinations. Next the exam moves into the “beta testing” stage where actual university students take the exam and provide feedback. After going through a diligent review of all the questions, changes are made, and the final exam is ready for the marketplace.

2 year and 4 year CS and IS/IT exams

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