2-Year College ICCP CS/IS/IT Program

Using the ACM Model Curriculum Computer Science 2013, Information Systems 2010 and 2002, Information Technology 2008. A nationally standardized exam gives  outcomes (in the form of 4 reports) to evaluate your students, curriculum, and effectiveness of your programs. 

About the exams

Details of the 2-year Exams

  • Based on the ACM Model Curriculum –  Computer Science 2013, Information Systems 2010/2002, and, Information Technology 2008.

  • ICCP worked with representatives from the State of INdiana to deliver a Beta Exam for Computing Science 2 year college programs.
  • ICCP is also working with other community colleges to specify the subjects for two year programs in Information Systems across the country.

  • Students who score 50% or higher on the exams qualify for the ICCP ISA (Information Science Associate) or CSA (Computer Science Associate) certificate.  

Additional details

  • CS 2013 2-year exam consists of 83 questions - 90 minutes
  • IS 2010 2-year exam consists of 83 questions - 90 minutes


  • Exams sent via dropbox
  • Automatically grades exam
  • Exam sessions can be split
  • Students find out how well they have done immediately
  • Unofficial individual performance report may be printed
  • Certificate offered to students who qualify


$50 per student with a maximum of $2500 per year for up to 100 students.  Schools over 100 students pay $20 for each student over 100.  (Schools over 200 students pay $15 for each student over 200).

About the reports


  • Objective assessments of your student’s performances from each course by learning outcome.
  • Comprehensive assessments detailing out how the students performed against the ACM Model Curriculum.
  • Kept up to date with industry’s needs and the institutional requirements for reporting.
  • Measures student learning outcomes.
  • Allows you to measure program outcomes.
  • Defensible data to back up your assertions.
  • Reports meet the requirements for an outside third party to validate results for accreditation, funding, and accountability purposes.
  • Pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement to strengthen your curriculum and teaching strengths.
  • Track reports over time to determine students changing behaviors.
  • Access to old reports – we keep reports on file.
  • All reports are kept confidential and no ranking is ever published.

Additional details

  • 4 Reports are Issued


  • Reports sent via email
  • Reports kept on-file
  • 4 Reports show how the students did against a national average
  • Reports based upon the ACM Curriculum
  • A report specifically deals with ABET outcomes


Reports are inlcuded in the cost per student.

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