Corporate Partner/Business Partner

ICCP Authorized Training Center

Organizations and individuals may apply to become an ICCP authorized training center using two routes:

1. Business Partner

   a.  Partner with the ICCP with common interests in programs in training and certification.


2.  Authorized Training Center:
   a.  Have one or more trainers qualified at the Mastery or Principal level of ICCP Credentials or are prepared to develop your leading trainers to that level of preparation.
   b.  You have a sound professional development program and experience in educating professionals in industry
   c.  You have been in business for a number of years with a sound reputation gained through successful programs for business & industry



3.  Authorized for Professional Development Credits

To have your Courses pre-approved to be used towards continuing education for credential renewal.   

A. Conferences or training workshops may be annually pre-approved for Professional Development Credits for ICCP Members
B. Must offer discounts to ICCP members to attend your conferences.Process:


 Fill in the form below and submit along with the Application Fee of $1500.00 (refundable if you fail to become an authorized training center).  

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