SalaryCertification demonstrates that a certified individual ismore productiveable to solve problems fastermore confident with their solutionsmore professional in the workplacemore respected by clients by showing that they have the most current knowledge appropriate for the IT industry
and this often aids to a salary increase.
Salary surveys reveal the power of professional certification to boost income when compared to vendor certification. ICCP certifications result often in 10% to 20% increase in salary.

What’s the difference between vendor and professional certifications?
Many professional associations report between $14,000 to $15,000 differential between those certified when compared to those not certified. Vendor certifications result in $4,000 to $5,000 increase between those certified and those not.

If you run your own company, then as a consultant or contractor, as your complete set of skills grow and are assessed against the best standard in the industry, you can command a higher pay rate.

Even if you cannot negotiate your professional certification into a raise in the short term, it has been proven in the long term, to provide a strong base assessment of your knowledge, qualifications, which increases your marketability to other companies.Who Benefits from my Certification?Everybody benefits in a significant manner.

The Company benefits
because as a holder you have an external code of ethics, code of conduct and code of practice to conform to.

The public benefits
since they can easily recognize a professional who adheres to national and international standards and can be counted on to protect the public good.

You benefit
from receiving acceptance by the highest rank of professionals in our industry, by gaining confidence that your knowledge and skills is second to none, by getting a detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses, so that future professional development can occur in a rational manner to improve your overall knowledge and skill set, over time.
ReputationHolding an ICCP credential shows that you are current and wish to remain current as all certified professionals follow a credential renewal program. That is maintaining the currency of your knowledge once you’ve passed the examinations. 

While the ICCP credential is for life, much like getting a B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. and differs from the vendor certifications where newer versions of the software/hardware invalidate your hard earned credential.  However to stay legally defensible in your work and professional practice you need to stay current with changing best practices.

Additional credentials improve your marketability, significantly. By achieving a ICCP credential you are recognized as holding an equivalent professional status to that held by a Professional Engineer, Doctor or Accountant. 

In choosing to get an ICCP credential you also show that you can take initiative and manage your own career, and this is a trait that many employers look for in interviews and resume assessment.

Today, recruiters and hiring managers are looking beyond the alphabet soup of vendor credentials and want to know they are hiring experienced, knowledgeable and initiative driven people, who compare well to the best the industry has ever developed. An ICCP credential raises your resume a great deal higher than the best vendor credential and right onto the “interview” pile.

If a company doesn’t select you first, from among its applicants to interview, then as a professional you should feel good about not getting an interview with that company, since that company may not be into “best practices” and “best talent”.PromotionMany companies and government departments provide pre-approved movement up various salary grids based on education, certification and experience.

The ICCP designations (ACP, CBIP*, (A)BDMP, CCP, CDP-DM (formerly CDMP), CSA, CCS, and ISA are recognized and approved by thousands of organizations. ICCP holders know the industry better than their colleagues, they work in teams better and perform their job better with greater confidence. This all leads to higher productivity.

Confidence comes from knowing that you have the knowledge and skills, which match with the best in the industry anywhere in the world. Individuals are more professional, follow more structure in their work, and act in a more professional manner. One manner in which to distinguish yourself from among the crowd is to demonstrate your superior knowledge and skills by passing a thorough and objective test such as the ICCP examinations.

A significant number of people do not pass the ICCP examinations, however all examination takers receive a knowledge gap analysis – a detailed breakdown of their skills, strengths and weaknesses, which they then use as guide to plan their professional learning and development program. These individuals fill the gaps with a sound on-the-job training program or at a local college, university or private training school. This update in skills, methods and knowledge then makes them a much better employee, who is likely to pass the ICCP examination on a retake.

* CBIP is a TDWI trademark and offered in partnership with the ICCP.


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