Immigration and Mobility of Professionals?

We have established mutual recognition agreements between Canada and the USA for specific certifications: CCP, CDP, CBIP and I.S.P.

In other countries we rely on reciprocal agreements with our constituent and affiliate organizations. For example CIPS has reciprocal agreements with the British, Australian and New Zealand Computing Societies and through IFIP for the IT Computing Professional for all I.S.P. holders.

For people wishing access to the USA market, we provide an assessment service which is used by the US State Department, & immigration department and various lawyers to assess the professional status of immigrants, especially for 01-VISA applicants.

So you can speed up that process by taking the ICCP examinations first and providing the external validation of your professional status before making an application for an appropriate VISA.

ICCP is also working with the Canadian Information Processing Society and the Canadian Government to provide testing for individuals wishing to enter Canada as IS/IT professionals.

Worried about failing? 

ICCP has a strict confidentiality focus and relationship with the test taker.  We will only inform those persons or companies you decide to authorize us to tell.  Otherwise be assured your scores, information and performance statistics are safe with us for our existence.

The ICCP office works with the examination taker, in a totally confidential manner. Each exam taker is provided a detailed printed analysis of performance including strengths and weaknesses, to their preferred or home address.
If you get 50% or more you qualify at the Associate (ACP) or Practitioner (BDMP, CDP or CBIP) level and if you achieve 70% or more you qualify at the Mastery(CCP) level. Regardless, you receive a detailed assessment, in written form for your own personal use.
The ICCP holds all your information in a highly confidential and secure manner. You may choose to receive your results at home or anywhere else you feel secure. The ICCP never reveals any information about any holder or exam taker, not even if they ever took an examination with us, unless she/he approves the release, first.
Even if the employer is paying for you to take the examinations, we insist on receiving a signed release from the examination taker before considering the release. Even then our preference is to mail all information to the holder and she/he can share it with whomever they please.

Self Study Materials?

You can purchase a number of different sets of learning materials.

We have specified independent textbooks for the various examinations. Most of these can be purchased from the publishers or online bookstores such as

The ICCP’s Official Examinations Guide is the best textbook, which can be used to prepare for the examinations or to help colleges and universities set up training programs. 

Self study modules of online courses are also avaible for purchase from the “ICCP Store” 
The CBIP Examinations Guide is available through TDWI
The BDMP and CDP Official Examinations Guides are available from the ICCP Store.

Longer versions of Sample examinations are also available for purchase


Training? Exam Preparation?

ICCP runs a one day ExamCram online web-conference once every month or two.

Additionally 3 day examination-review courses are customized for on-site client companies and for groups of individuals who may desire such a course. Costs for these courses include course fees plus travel in addition to examination fees.

You local university or college is being encouraged to put on a training course. If enough of you call the continuing education division/faculty of extension with your requests and let them know that the ICCP will help/partner with them develop and deliver a standard course, we would be happy to do that, including providing the instructor, course outline and relevant training materials.

We provide a number of review courses around North America, and these are done in concert with our partners: The Association of Information Technology Professionals (, The Canadian Information Processing Society ( The Data Warehousing Institute ( and regional and local professional groups, The Data Management Conference – Canada and DMC-USA (

In addition 12 week online courses are available. 

Testing When? How Often?

You can get yourself tested at almost any location at work, or university or community college, or training location in the world. If you do not pass, then you should wait 30 days before attempting the examination again.  This is to give you adequate time to prepare properly for the next time you take the examination.

All you have to do is to provide The Office in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA the name of an acceptable, reliable college, university, community college or ICCP Certified Professional who can act as your test proctor. ICCP will contact this person and verify if she/he is acceptable to the ICCP and then arrange to transmit the test to that person at a specific time and place, including appropriate procedures to administer that test.

The ICCP recommends selecting any person from the following list: A university professor, a person from your Human Resources or Training department, a CCP, CBIP, or CDMP holder, a doctor, lawyer, accountant, professional engineer, or other similarly attributed person.

This is a similar list to those people who may attest your official documents for your passport.

Tests can be administered via computer, over the Internet, or via a paper and pencil format. The preference is to provide testing using computer based assessment, so you may know your unofficial mark at the end of each test.

A formal verified and validated paper communication from the ICCP office confirms the informal/unofficial mark that you received at the end of each test.

If you have difficulty finding a suitable location and time for a proctor, contact the office we conduct proctored remote testing with ID verification. You will need fast internet access, a web camera and open internet access to facilitate a web-conference.

Testing? Where?

Anybody, anywhere in the world can access and take the ICCP certification programs.

These days with reliable internet, web-cameras and web-conferencing you can take the examination from your office, home location or college or university test center.  

Pay for the online proctor fees, contact the ICCP office and we’ll schedule you in as soon as you need.

Please contact us if you need help in accessing a training program or a test location.

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