2-year ICCP IS Exam Subject Outline

 (ACM Model Curriculum) National Benchmarking Examination for students and academic programs)


Purpose: Based on the ACM/AIS model Curriculum formalized in 2010, this examination provides normalized reports twice a year (mid-May and mid-December) which are useful for evaluating student learning outcomes and identifying gaps in academic programs fostering continuous program improvement.


Sponsoring organization: ICCP©® is a society of professional associations providing national benchmarking services to academics, professionals and students.


1.0 Foundations of Information Systems

      1.1 Information Systems in Organizations

      1.3 Information Systems Components and Infrastructure

      1.4 Facilities, Services and Organizational Models

      1.6 The Internet and World Wide Web

      1.7 Security of Information Systems

      1.9 Globalization


2.0 Data & Information Management

      2.1 Database Approach

      2.4 Data and Database Administration


3.0 Enterprise Architecture

      3.3 Green Computing

      3.4 Business Continuity


4.0 IT Infrastructure

      4.1 Systems Concepts

      4.2 Operating Systems

      4.3 Networking


5.0 IS Project Management

      5.1 Introduction to Project Management

      5.2 The Project Management Lifecycle

      5.5 Managing Project Scheduling


6.0 Systems Analysis & Design

      6.1 Business Process Management

      6.2 Structuring of IT-based Opportunities into Projects

      6.3 Analysis and Specification of System Requirements


7.0 IS Strategy, Management & Acquisition

      7.1 The Role of IS in the Organization



*based on the ACM/AIS Model Curriculum published 2010 – copyright © ICCP® all rights reserved.  Copying may only be done with attribution to original authors and via written permission only.  ACM is an ICCP Constituent Society and a business partner-owner of the ICCP.  ICCP (c) copyright 2014 -2018 all rights reserved.  Copying without written authorization is deemed illegal.


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