Business Partners and Approved Trainers

A business partner with the ICCP may jointly offer certification programs, create new credentials for their own needs and the industry as a whole.  Such as the Associate BDMP with Genpact Industries (NYSE:G). 

Approved trainers provide educational programs, conferences, onsite workshops, online courses that ICCP credential holders use to gain educational credits (professional development) towards Credential Renewal and maintaining the currency of their knowledge. Apply to become an Authorized ICCP Trainer today.


The Data Warehousing Institute is Business Partner – jointly offers the CBIP credential – through a business partnership with the ICCP.  While ICCP develops the assessment standards and Examinations TDWI delivers world class educational programs and conferences.
IBM has been a long term ICCP Busines Partner in Certification, Credentialing and employee skills assessment

Data Management Conferences

The DMC-Canada and DMC-USA programs provides 1/2 day workshops to prepare for the ICCP examinations during their 3 day conferences and then “pay-if-you-pass’ examinations between 5-6.30pm on each of the three days of the conference.
Supports ICCP programs by requiring “out of subject” qualified professors to complete an ICCP credential as part of their qualifying criteria to teach in computer science, information systems, management information systems, etc.

Excelsior College & Western Governors University

ICCP Examinations may earn you degrees based on getting academic credits for examinations passed and credentials earned.  This is especially useful for military personnel and those individuals who started late in life due to personal situations and may not have been able to complete an academic programs or are just short of a few credits.  These colleges collect and assess your credits – no matter where to you got them and then give you an assessment, assign and mentor and help you achieve your goals.

BPM Institute
SOA Institute

BPM Institute/SOA Institute runs educational programs that satisfy the educational needs for ICCP certified professionals in the Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture  arenas.

Enterprise DataVersity, Data Modeling Zone &
DGIQ Conferences

Enterprise DataVersity conferences in Data Management, Smart Data, Data Modeling, and DGIQ conferences provide high end educational credits towards ICCP credential renewal programs

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