Our Story

We are ICCP and we have been around over 45 years certifying the best in the business.  You can be sure that our certification signals the owner is keeping current in the industry, is knowledgeable in their specific area, and ultimately can save you money in your business.
Just how can an ICCP Member save you money?  ICCP certified individuals ensure timely and proper delivery to clients, cutting down on costs associated with long projects and overdue deadlines.
The world relies heavily on technology to perform vital personal, public and business functions. It is imperative that the individuals involved in the design and delivery of the systems behind that technology. Any ICCP designation ensures that its holder is committed to these principles:

– Uphold ethical practices in their day to day activities

-Master the body of knowledge of the profession

-Ensure that access to computerized information remains confidential

-Provide open and complete communications to clients, employers and the public

-Act to ensure that information technology serves and benefits society at large


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